ThePocketMentorFrontCoverThe Pocket Mentor is a must have for anyone running their own business; a no-nonsence consise book to provide you with immediate answers and 24/7 on-the-go mentoring assistance to help fast-track your business and your life.

Written for entrepreneurs at all levels; The Pocket Mentor will provide you with ultimate business solutions and immediate strategies. Designed to facilitate all your business needs at every stage of your business; The Pocket Mentor covers key points from the business idea, to the latter stages when you have built your company up to a multi-million pound valuation.

The Pocket Mentor will act as your on-going personal business mentor, to help answer your key questions throughout your day to day business life.

The information and skills contained within draws on Chelsey’s twenty years experience as a business advisor, mentor and communications expert. Chelsey has condensed her expertise into an on-the-go guide to provide you with all the help you need to move your business to the next level.

The chapters have been designed to provide you with practical solutions to successfully improve and evolve your business. The Pocket Mentor can be used as a reference guide whenever or wherever you need inspiration or motivation throughout the different stages of your business and will act as a reminder to the various techniques available that can help drive your business forwards.

Everyone has an equal opportunity to be a successful entrepreneur; The Pocket Mentor will make sure you are positioned with a great advantage. Not only will the book help prepare you with the necessary skills required, it will show you how to overcome many of the worries and obstacles that frequently confront business owners; offering you effective and simple solutions.

You are not alone with The Pocket Mentor; let me be your inspiration and business mentor throughout this book. All I ask of you is that you have the belief in yourself, the willingness to take action and I will show you the rest; after all I have now become your own personal Pocket Mentor

Chelsey Baker
Author of The Pocket Mentor